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Custom Abutment

Years of experience in implant dentistry showed that stock abutments are viable option for implant restorations. But with the development of technology, new sets of abutments have arisen: custom abutments.

China Dental Laboratory (CDL) Co., Ltd offers Custom Abutment for dental labs and clinics around the world. These abutments can be privately fabricated for every patient easily, even with different materials regarding the patients’ needs. They can be fabricated with CAD/CAM milling technique in a very short time. We save you money on the cost of Custom Abutment. Contact us for the pricelist of Custom Abutment.

Benefits of Custom Abutments:

  • Benefits of Custom Abutments:

  • Create a natural emergence profile between an implant and crown

  • Crown margin depth can be customized

  • Allows for better hygiene

  • Allows for better esthetics

  • Allows for better alignment with angled implants

  • Zirconia and Gold Hue abutments enhance esthetics of the final case