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Turnaround Time

The usual turnaround time is 10 calendar days from the time you ship the cases until you receive them from us. We will process your order and notify you immediately if there are any questions. Occasionally there will be a delay due to shipping or customs.

In-Lab Time (Weekends, Holidays, and Shipping time not included)

Crown or Bridge Finish                                                                3 days
Crown Metal Try-in                                                                      2 days
Porcelain Finish                                                                           2 days
Post & Core                                                                                 2 days

All Ceramic

IPS.Emax Crown/Veneer                                                             3 days
Zirconia                                                                                        3 days
Zirconia(3-5 Units)                                                                       4 days
Zirconia (Over 5 Units)                                                                 6 days

Implant and attachment and Telescope
PFM Crown & Attachment                                                           3 days
Frame set upTry-in                                                                       3 days
Process                                                                                        2 days
Primary coping try-in                                                                    2 days
Second coping & Framework
Set up for try-in                                                                            4 days
Process & Finish                                                                          3 days
Partial Denture

Denture / Valplast Complete                                                        3 days
Denture / Valplast Wax Try-in                                                      2 days
Denture / Valplast Process                                                          2 days
PFM & Framework set up Finish                                                 6 days
PFM & Denture Finish                                                                 6 days

Acceptable Scanned Models                                                       1 days



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