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Send a Traditional Impression
Shipping a case to us is easy and affordable.

  • Step One. Fill Out Prescription
    Download our editable Rx Form, fill in the appropriate fields, then print and include your completed Rx Form with your case.

  • Step Two. Pack Your Case
    Packaging Your Single and Multiple Cases

    1. Carefully package your case, including your RX Form.
    Separate the cases in plastic bags, and staple its prescription to the outside of each bag for accurate identification. To save money on shipping, you can send multiple cases in one box.
    2. Once the box is securely taped, attach a preprinted shipping label to top. To request additional preprinted labels or shipping supplies.
    3. If you are sending a prescheduled rush case, write “RUSH” on the outside of the box/package as well as on the prescription. To prescheduled a rush case please contact Customer Support at CN +86 755 2698 5917 Or Email Us Us inquiry@chinadentallaboratory.com


  • Step Three. Ship Your Case
    Schedule Case Pickup

    Contact your local logistics company, such as FedEx, UPS, they'll help you figure it out.

    Shipping Rates
    Time of case pickup and delivery may affect turnaround time. To save money on shipping, combine multiple cases into one box.

    Need Shipping Supplies?
    We offer shipping supplies for free (some limitations apply), including:

    FedEx Airbills
    USPS Priority Mail Pre-Paid Shipping Labels


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We offer 24/7 hours service through email. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form provided below and we will contact you as soon as possible.​

Labs who adopt digital scanners into their workflows are positioned to receive enhanced benefits from China Dental Laboratory. What’s more, without the delay of inbound case shipping and with the prioritized all-digital workflow, labs can expect their restorations to be fabricated and returned to their offices in a significantly reduced time period.

If you’d like to outsource but wish to retain control of your restorative designs, you can design your crowns, copings, bridge frameworks or implant abutments with your software and send the completed file to our lab. Upon arrival, we mill and sinter your restorations using CAM technology and return them to your lab in four working days or less. For labs eager to give restorations their personal signature, another option is for us to mill your restorations and send the case back to you for coloring, sintering, staining and glazing.

Learn more about sending digital impressions.



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