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China Dental Laboratory (CDL), based in Shenzhen, China, is an industry-leading provider of high-quality dental lab products and services to dental professionals worldwide for a low cost. Established in 2006, the lab specializes in crown & bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, dental implants and prosthetic components, and full-cast restorations. China Dental Laboratory is an industry leader thanks to its innovative dental technology, experienced R&D department, and dedication to providing free or affordable clinical and technical education to promote industry growth. 



2006 --- 2010
Founded in Xili, Shenzhen City. Only service for one dental group in Phoenix city of US.
2010 --- 2012
Try to service for more dental labs and clinics around the world. Including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, etc.
2012 --- 2016
Developing a useful dental lab management style. Start to use 3D print technic for model and metal products. Support all major CAD/CAM digital scanners including CEREC Connect, 3 SHAPE, iTERO, 3M ESPE, Carestream and more. 
Set up a new lab for finest request clients —— smaller order but a really high request on quality and willing to pay. For nearly 12 years, the China Dental Laboratory has embraced and utilized the latest advances in dental materials, techniques, and technology, establishing itself as a premier laboratory for the finest full-service solutions for all of your dental needs.


China Dental Laboratory registered with US FDA and implement a quality management system that is certified under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2012. You can be assured that all of your cases are made by FDA registered and CE certificated safe materials. With years of outsourcing experience to dental labs and clinics all around the world, we believe that not only the life-like aesthetics nature appearance but also the perfect fit, contact and excellent occlusion plus always on time delivery makes us one of the most competitive dental labs in China.


Crown & Bridges: 5 years warranty after the date of delivery
Removable and other products: 1-year warranty after the date of delivery
In order to assure you and your clients a peace of mind, if any case made in China Dental Lab is unsatisfactory for any reason during the term of this warranty, we will repair or remake a new one without charge unconditionally as soon as we received the problem case.

A few details before sending your problem cases:

Please indicate the case number and the problem which will help us make it better;
Please make sure that the original restoration is enclosed;
Please make sure that the instructions and design is not changed;
Please make sure that the prep/impression/model is not changed;
Exceptions: Our repair or remake policy will be invalid if ever a case that we could not guarantee the quality and you insist on proceeding anyway after we had told you the reason and advise you taking a new impression or try-in first.

As soon as we receive your shipment, we will email you an itemized  “Request for Payment” invoice. We will begin processing the cases once we receive the shipment, but will not under any circumstances release the finished products without complete payment. No special arrangements will be made at all.

Please note that we have chosen Paypal as our primary form of payment. Once your order arrives in China Dental Laboratory, we will send you a "Request for Payment" email for the total amount of the order, that acts as your itemized invoices. For big money, you can choose bank transfer to our HSBC account in Hongkong.

Once your payment is reached and confirmed, your finished cases will be released from our lab and head your way. You don't need to worry if you don't have a Paypal account because establishing one is extremely easy and cost effective. To create your Paypal account at www.paypal.com.

Remakes are handled on a case by case basis. If you select us to remake your dental works, we will need the original case restorations and original case number accompanied by a new impression and explanation of the specific malfunction. Once we receive this, we will determine where the fault originated and decide the appropriate action. If the mistake was made within our lab, we will remake the case at no charge (Of course, the probability of this is very small).

We maintain a strict confidentiality policy with all of our customers. At no time will we ever divulge your name or information to any third party for any reason.

In 1 - 4  days, most of your cases will be finished and send back by FedEx & DHL. 


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