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Digital Dentistry

Digitally Shaping the Dental Industry for Improved Dental Lab Products and Services
Digital CAD CAM Technology in the dental industry has been evolving and improving dental procedures and products immensely for over 20 years, but now more than ever it’s becoming more widely utilized. Currently, the term Digital Dentistry has been coined to represent this digital revolution in the dental industry. Due to the incorporation of digital technologies in the manufacturing process of dental products, dental labs and practices are able to see a variety of benefits that improve dental products and the experience of not only the patient but also the dental practice and lab as well.

CAD/CAM Digital Systems has dramatically
increased the efficiency of dental production in the dental industry, making it the ideal option for designing and manufacturing prosthetics. By virtually designing and milling the dental prosthetic, our team of certified dental technicians are able to consistently produce a more natural looking and longer-lasting restoration while saving costs in labor and materials. CAD/CAM technology and metal-free materials are being used to create highly esthetic, durable and functional ceramic crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays, bridges, and dentures. CAD/CAM Dental is also used to fabricate custom abutments for dental implants, which is very important for stabilizing and integrating the prosthetic within the jawbone for long-term biocompatibility. Today’s CAD/CAM restorations are more resilient, better fitting and more natural looking (multihued and translucent, similar to natural teeth) than previously machined restorations. We support all major CAD/CAM digital scanners including CEREC Connect, 3 SHAPE, iTERO, 3M ESPE, Carestream and more.

China Dental Laboratory is proud to announce that we have joined the dental digital services model printing space. By virtually eliminating the need for physical impressions, this state-of-the-art system reduces the chairside time and cuts down on impression material and shipping costs. Just scan and send us your 3D image and we can start printing a model in minutes!

Increased Accuracy
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Accelerated Production Times
Increased Production Capacity
Reduced Chairside Time And Material Costs
Digital Storage Solutions

3D Printing Application

Digital Engraving And Milling Products

Bridge And Crown Product Repair Process

Use A Digital Scanner Instead Of The Traditional Scanning Method

More dentists than ever are switching to digital scanners as a replacement for traditional impressions. Digital scanners provide better comfort for patients by eliminating awkward impression trays and unnecessary messes that come along with them. With digital impressions, dentists can reduce “chair time” and cut material costs while allowing them to see more patients. Another benefit is being able to instantly email the digital impression directly to the laboratory as opposed to paying for shipping and waiting the standard delivery time to start production. Also being able to visually explain your diagnosis and treatment plan in real time to your patient “chairside” improves the overall experience of the patient. Digital Dentistry in China is increasingly becoming the new standard for reliable, efficient dental production.

If you’re not ready to give up conventional impressions just yet but you’re curious to see what digital dentistry has to offer, try our Model-Free Option.
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Intraoral Scan Mode

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